Ralph Pepe

Ralph Pepe

Developer, Concordia Holding Corporation

Currently employed at Concordia Holding Corporation



    In 1982, Ralph Pepe planned and oversaw the development of Talleyville Towne Shopping Center in Wilmington, Delaware. He laid the foundation for an entrepreneurial route at the University of Delaware, where he garnered a Bachelor of Science in Accounting. Today, Talleyville Towne Shopping Center continues to thrive under Pepe’s management. In addition to managing various tenants, Ralph Pepe has acted as the owner of Concord Pike Liquors, Inc. for more than 45 years. The shop features a wide selection of classic beers and liquors, as well as a host of specialty crafted beers and gourmet Italian wines. Ralph Pepe successfully strives to create a welcome, open atmosphere, encouraging patrons to spend time in the store to discuss local matters and socialize. Pepe also guides his clientele in purchasing matters. When an individual comes to Concord Pike Liquors to prepare for an event, Ralph Pepe offers custom consultation on the proper items and quantities to suit the occasion. He takes pride in responding to his customers’ questions and concerns. Ralph Pepe manages the store and shopping center, but also pursues property management undertakings. As a developer with Concordia Holding Corporation, Ralph Pepe acquired, relocated, and renovated a historic property called the Brandywine Grange #13 in 1999. Today, the space accommodates a number of rental clients, and Ralph Pepe welcomes new inquiries concerning the use of the property at 302-478-8539, or concordpikeliq@aol.com. Outside of promoting the commerce of his community, advising customers, and overseeing the needs of tenants, Ralph Pepe offers himself to others in various capacities. He presents contributions to both local non-profits and national charitable organizations.




At Concordia Holding Corporation

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