PJ Blanchfield

Assistant Public Defender, Albany County Public Defender's Office

Albany, United States

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His background

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    Assistant Public Defender

    Albany County Public Defender's Office

  • Today
    January 2005
    January 1993

    Assistant District Attorney

    Albany County District Attorney's Office

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  • Attorney

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About him

Over the course of his career as an attorney in and around Albany, New York, P.J. Blanchfield has always made a point of participating in educational initiatives. As an assistant district attorney for Albany County, he educated fifth-grade students about choice and consequences through the Legal Lives Program. In order to do so, P.J. Blanchfield helped teachers present a curriculum involving book work, role-playing, discussion, and a field trip to a county courthouse.

At the same time, Mr. Blanchfield helped instruct Albany area police officers in the Albany Police Department. Working through the Department’s in-service school, he provided the officers with information about searches and seizures, search warrants, and probable cause. He also gave them updated information on changing laws, and taught classes for other law enforcement agencies.

Outside of his work for the Albany County District Attorney’s Office, which he left in 2005, P.J. Blanchfield has assisted at mock trial competitions for high school students. Serving as a judge during competitions, he has kept score and made rulings during the students’ simulated civil and criminal proceedings.