Phil Roper Virginia

Phil Roper Virginia

Owner/Broker/President, Whittle & Roper,Inc. Realtors

Currently employed at Whittle & Roper,Inc. Realtors



    In 1986, with a background and education in real estate, Phil Roper co-founded Whittle & Roper, Inc. Realtors with partner Joe Whittle. Prior to establishing Whittle & Roper Realtors, Mr. Roper functioned as Sales Manager at G.E. Matthews Inc. Real Estate and as Sales Associate for a national franchise real estate enterprise from 1978 until 1983. With a combined education in real estate principles and experience in sales and sales management, Phil Roper injected his enthusiasm for the industry into what turned into a successful business venture. Reflecting his various skills and interests, Phil Roper remains with R&M General Repair, a company established in 1983. Licensed to practice real estate, his career background includes knowledge in Advanced Listing Practices and Successful Career Planning. Mr. Roper received the Spectrum Training Award (S.T.A.R.) in 1992. Certified with the Rural Economic and Community Development (RECD) division of the United States Department of Agriculture, he has remained active in serving rural community housing development in Virginia. S.T.A.R. recipients train in such areas as rural tenant occupancy and eligibility matters. Mr. Roper also serves on the Rural Rental Housing Association of Virginia Board of Directors. As President of Whittle & Roper Realtors, he puts into practice his sense of fair and productive real estate practices. With the greater Richmond, Virginia, area’s most extensive customer database and rental properties encompassing a spectrum of affordable rates, Phil Roper’s clients lease residential and commercial properties, and sell or purchase commercial land and buildings. With the benefit of 30-plus years of real estate experience, Mr. Roper attends to client needs, matching them with appropriate real estate leasing, purchase, and sales options.




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