Pastor Martin Macdonald

Pastor Martin Macdonald

Senior Pastor, The City Church

Currently employed at The City Church



    Committed to a life of worship and service to others, Pastor Martin MacDonald fulfills the duties of founding Senior Pastor for Batavia, New York-based The City Church. He emphasizes a number of core tenets at The City Church, including loving each other and God, spreading the teachings of Jesus Christ to people around the world, and comporting oneself in accordance with biblical principles. Beyond spiritual growth, Pastor MacDonald endeavors to enhance his congregation's physical, financial, and intellectual lives. Pastor Martin MacDonald welcomes all individuals of faith into his church, regardless of economic status or creed. Aside from weekly services, Pastor MacDonald offers several opportunities for gender-based worship through men's and women's ministries that usually meet a few times each month. Additionally, he encourages participation in ManTime conferences, two-day events that provide men with the tools they need to succeed at home and in the workplace. Pastor MacDonald and The City Church also offer the Young Adult Ministry, designed specifically for people ages 18 to 30. Through the Young Adult Ministry, people gain support in handling their real-life problems as they grow as individuals dedicated to Christ. Pastor Martin MacDonald completed formal training at the Pastor's School at Phoenix First in Arizona. He has traveled all over the world in service to his fellow man, bringing God's word to people in Africa, South America, and elsewhere. When not delivering sermons or assisting his community in other ways, Pastor MacDonald takes pleasure in going to the beach, shopping, and four-wheeling. He lives in New York with his wife of 34 years. They have three sons, two daughters in law, and five beautiful grandchildren.



Senior Pastor

At The City Church

From April 1997 to Present
Serving the needs of our community

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  • Spending time with family
  • four wheeling
  • going to the beach
  • shopping