Paramjit Bedi

Paramjit Bedi

CEO, Winnol

Glendale, United States

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His hobbies

Creating winning businesses mentoring spending time with family.

About him

Paramjit Bedi is an entrepreneur with expertise in business management and development. For 12 years, he was Chief Executive Officer of Devjit Enterprises, a conglomerate of companies ranging from gas stations, car washes and mini-marts to restaurants and machine parts manufacturing. From 2007 to 2010, Mr. Bedi was the CEO of Giordano USA, a clothing empire. Paramjit Bedi owned and managed numerous outlets of the retail-clothing store in the U.S. Giordano is a well-known brand in parts of Asia, the Middle East and Australia, and it recently opened locations in North America. Mr. Bedi owns investment properties and medical buildings.

Param Bedi’s most recent venture is the advertising and shopping web portal Winnol. He organized the site to offer convenient advertising space for popular brands of consumer goods while simultaneously attracting online shoppers. Winnol users can register for an account at three levels on the site to earn points, called Winnols, toward entry into product sweepstakes or free gifts from participating advertisers. Upgraded users can apply points earned toward the purchase of the products made by partner companies. Partners are not required to discount their merchandise to participate. Param Bedi wants to reward users for watching advertising content that is fresh and amazing and for shopping.

Paramjit Bedi and his business partner have constructed an 18,000 sq ft Venue to be an online studio. They recently hosted a company holiday party for a large ad agency that had a guest list of more than 700 people from Los Angeles’ celebrity, business, and advertising communities.