Pam Omer

Pam Omer

Saddle Fitter , Freedom Fittings

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    With a lifelong passion for horses, Pam Omer has worked full-time for the last six years as a saddle fitter and worked part-time in the profession for nearly 20 years before that. She first became interested in the craft of properly fitting and designing saddles when her horse became so sore from his saddle that he nearly dropped to the ground when she touched him. After several unsuccessful attempts by professionals to fix the problem, Pam Omer pursued an extensive education and apprenticeship in saddle fitting and became a respected expert in the field. Currently, Pam Omer works with Freedom Fittings in Williamston, Michigan. Pam Omer strives to create balance in the saddle for both horses and riders while ensuring greater comfort for both. A properly fitted saddle can resolve horses’ pain and discomfort and help them to stop such undesirable behaviors as kicking, bolting, spooking, rearing, biting, and bucking. Pam Omer uses a complete analysis of the horse's back, movement, and conformation as well as a history of the horse's injuries and saddle problems to recommend or design a well-fitting saddle. Saddles must be precisely fitted in angle, length, gullet, panel, and points in order to be comfortable for the horse. A great saddle also fits the rider, matching him or her in depth and width of the pelvic floor as well as accommodating his or her height and weight. A member of the Midwest Dressage Association, Pam Omer also dedicates her time to helping her community. She has supported the ASPCA, The Salvation Army, the American Red Cross, Ingham County Animal Shelter, Greater Lansing Food Bank, and City Rescue Mission. She also volunteers with Meals on Wheels. Aside from riding and spending time with horses, Pam Omer enjoys outdoor activities such as hiking, canoeing, walking, and gardening. She also likes reading and lists Sharon Kay Penman, Jodi Picoult, Anne Lamott, and Jean M. Auel among her favorite writers.



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