Orson Kirton

Train Operator, Metropolitan Transit Authority

New York, United States

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His hobbies

Soccer Basketball Traveling Exercise

About him

Orson Kirton currently works for the Metropolitan Transportation Authority in New York City. Working as a subway operator for over a decade, he previously held positions with Federal Express and Fulton City Sports.

Prior to coming to the United States as an adult, Orson Kirton grew up in Barbados. Raised in Bayland, St. Michael, he spent his childhood playing youth soccer and cricket. He also took part in the Boy Scouts as a child. He moved to Christ Church in Barbados as a teen and attended Christ Church Foundation School, a secondary-level institution.

Though he is now based in New York, Kirton still enjoys playing soccer and watching his favorite team, Manchester United. He also considers himself an avid fan of the LA Lakers. In addition to staying active, Orson Kirton enjoys traveling both within his native Barbados and throughout the United States. He has also made trips to Mexico, Aruba, Costa Rica, Virgin Islands, and the Dominican Republic.