Norman  Heslop

Norman Heslop

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    Norman Heslop, a man with a broad range of interests, enjoys learning about nature, sports, and the science of the world around him. However, he worries about the issues that the people of tomorrow will face. Norman Heslop has a strong interest in modern and future technology. He likes to learn about the science and engineering behind modern bridges and skyscrapers and the coming generation of high-speed trains and aircraft. He also enjoys studying cars and going to car shows, and he takes note of the evolution of design philosophy in the automotive industry. On the natural side of things, Norman Heslop is concerned and curious. He worries about the state of energy use and hopes for advancements in clean renewable energy. The danger of climate change and the risk it poses to endangered species weigh heavily on him, but he also finds much wonder in the universe. He is amazed by the ancient forces that forged the world around us, leaving volcanoes as an ever-present reminder. He likes considering wider forces at work, as well as the fantastic things that can fill the night sky, such as comets and asteroids. Norman Heslop supports several charities. His favorite is The Salvation Army; he especially admires the organization for efficiently using its donations to aid people despite tough economic times.




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