Monique Bell

Monique Bell

Store Manager, Body Jewelry

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    My name is Monique Bell. I am a person who sees life as a way of giving back. Helping others is a natural gift of mine and I love to bring satisfaction to whomever I encounter. I am young but very mature for my age. I have a great way with words and have seemed to travel in the road of sales. I am very well skilled when it comes to closing deals and making others feel satisfied with their choices. I have the opportunity to continue to assist others by being alive. In the following success of any company it takes a direct dedication of theambition to have a certain amount of family values and morals.I want to build a company maintaining a very high support system for its core central promise in helping the people first. Volunteering is a great way to show the commitment of just that. Well I am not the most simple person out there so I will sum up a bit about me. I am currently 21 years young. I speak both English and Spanish. I am a very social, ougoing, talkative, adventurous, funny, optimistic, sweet, giving individual. < < < < Hope that is a good range of adjectives for ya! I love the outdoors. I love hanging with friends, meeting new people and providing for others. I tend to put others before myself and can be to much of a hardworker. I am a bit of a stuntwoman and loves a challange. I love to read and consider myself an artsy hippie. I breath music and poetry and will dance almost anywhere.


Store Manager

At Body Jewelry

From 2012 to Present


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