Mitchell Blutt

Mitchell Blutt

CEO of Consonance Capital

Currently employed at Consonance Capital, Weill Cornell Medical College

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    Mitchell Blutt, the founder of Consonance Capital, brings a unique background and perspective to investing. After earning a Master’s of Business Administration, a Bachelor of Arts in Psychobiology, and a Doctor of Medicine, all from the University of Pennsylvania, he went to work for JP Morgan Partners (JPMP.) As one of the first physicians to make an impact in the field of investing, Dr. Blutt drew on his health care experience and professional contacts to identify and recommend profitable medical investments for the firm. Mitchell Blutt also spent one day each week working at Cornell University Medical Center during the majority of his 18-year tenure at JPMP. He founded the health care group at JPMP and served as the firm’s Executive Partner, as well, giving him a senior managerial role in the overall activities of the firm. In 2005, Mitchell Blutt founded Consonance. It consists of two collaborative funds, a health care hedge fund, as well as a health care private equity fund. Dr. Blutt is a member of several professional groups, including the New York Academy of Medicine. Dr. Blutt formerly served on the Board of Trustees and Finance Committee of Penn Medicine and on the Board of Trustees of The University of Pennsylvania. He is a past board member of the Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson’s Research. In his spare time, Mitchell Blutt enjoys composing music and outdoor pursuits such as swimming and tennis.




At Consonance Capital

From 2005 to Present


At Weill Cornell Medical College

From 1987 to Present

Executive Partner

At JPMorgan Partners

From 1987 to 2004

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