Michael Antonio Canganelli

Michael Antonio Canganelli

Retired Attorney and Counselor at Law

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Currently employed at WyzAnt

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    MICHAEL ANTONIO CANGANELLI Retired Attorney and Counselor at Law 231 W Horizon Ridge Parkway, 1717 Henderson, NV 89012 1(312) 802-7970 michaelantoniocanganelli@gmail.com http://sites.google.com/site/allwebdeals Admitted to the Practice of Law Before the Following Courts: November 1, 1982-December31, 2015 Supreme Court of Illinois, #6183126, Cook County, IL #52835, DuPage County, IL #10575 December 6, 1982, U.S. Court of Appeals for the Seventh Circuit U.S. District Courts for the: December 16, 1982, General bar, Northern District of Illinois February 1, 1990, Trial bar, Northern District of Illinois January 6, 1986, Eastern District of Wisconsin February 14, 1986, Northern District of Indiana May 18, 1994, Southern District of Indiana and May 10, 1995, Central District of Illinois Other Professional Licensures: From September 23, 2003 until December 31, 2007, I was a loan solicitor, and a legal insurance producer in Indiana. From December 24, 2003 until December 31, 2007 I was an Indiana life insurance producer. From March 9, 2004 until March 9, 2008, I was an Illinois life insurance producer. From July 1, 2005 until June 30, 2007, I was an Illinois loan solicitor Reg. #032.0000343. From the July 1, 2005 until the present, I have been an Indiana Substitute Teacher. Certifications: January 2, 1991, Illinois Department of Central Management Services Certified Hearings Referee February 1, 1999, Illinois Department of Central Management Services Certified Public Service Administrator Experience: From 11/01/1982 until 12/31/2015 I was a solo general practitioner attorney and counselor at law in Chicago, Illinois. Some of the cases I have litigated include: Indiana University v. Canganelli, 501 N.E.2d 299 (Ill. App. Ct., 1986); Canganelli v. Lake County Ind. Dept. of Pub. Welfare (In re Canganelli), 132 B.R. 369 (Bankr. N.D. Ind., 1991) which was disparaged only as to the portion which had gone against me in http://laws.lp.findlaw.com/getcase/7th/case/972761.html; and CANGANELLI v. CANGANELLI, 766 N.E.2d 411, (Ind. Ct. App., 2002). During 2010, I was a tax processor for Liberty Tax Service, 6176 Broadway, Merrillville, IN 46410, (219) 884-1040. Beginning 08/01/1999, I was concurrently an Independent Business Owner with Unicity Network (formerly Rexall Showcase International, Inc.), #35101301. From 04/17/2007 through 07/31/2007, I was concurrently an attorney at ComPsych Corporation, LegalConnect Division, NBC Tower - 13th Floor, 455 N. Cityfront Plaza Drive, Chicago, IL 60611-5322, providing general legal information and local attorney referrals by telephone and email. From 05/08/2006 until 12/31/2007, I was concurrently an independent contractor talent scout manager for Impact Worldwide with my scout ID being MICA4688. From 10/2011 through 03/14/2015 I was concurrently an Indiana Substitute Teacher for the School City of Mishawaka, Indiana, from 08/2005 until 03/14/2014, I was concurrently an Indiana Substitute Teacher in all Porter County Indiana school systems from first grade through high school level. In 04/1990, I concurrently substitute taught in Whiting, Indiana, before the licensing requirement. From 09/23/2003 until 12/31/2007, I was concurrently an independent contractor holding the rank of District Leader at a 50% sales commission level with Primerica Financial Services, Solution #BERN3. From 08/2000 until 08/2004, I was concurrently an independent contractor Team Trainer performing sales with ACN (formerly American Communications Network). From 10/01/1998 until 12/31/2004, I served concurrently as a Public Service Administrator for IDES, Revenue Bureau, Remittances and Reporting Division, Document Control Subdivision, Magnetic Media Unit, Diskette Section, wherein I supervised up to eight full-time Unemployment Insurance Revenue Analyst II staff persons, ENDING at $70,704 per annum. From 07/01/1990 until 09/30/1998, I was an Hearings Referee for the Illinois Department of Employment Security.



At WyzAnt

From June 2015 to Present
Multiple educational areas of tutoring expertise from pre-school through adult education needs, including internet services

Attorney and Counselor at Law/Owner

At Michael Antonio Canganelli

From November 1982 to December 2015
Won reported bankruptcy cases and tried, litigated and advised clients concerning many different general practice cases and issues, including foreclosures, evictions, real estate closings, bankruptcy, family law and many other areas.

office clerk

At Census bureau

From May 2010 to August 2010

Tax Preparer

At Liberty Tax

From January 2010 to April 2010
Managed office during daytime

Staff Attorney

At ComPsych Corporation

From April 2007 to July 2007
Provided legal information to telephone and email inquiries by insured clients in the U.S., Canada, and the Philippines.

Public Service Administrator

At Illinois Department of Employment Security

From October 1998 to December 2004
Completely rewrote guidance and manuals for electronic reporting of employer quarterly taxes and adjudication by my staff of eight revenue analysts.

Hearings Referee

At Illinois Department of Employment Security

From July 1990 to September 1998
Wrote unemployment benefit claim hearings decisions and unemployment tax decisions after conducting hearings and second-level unemployment appeals after reviewing the hearings record below.

Managing Attorney

At Hyatt Legal Services

From November 1988 to August 1989
Supervised up to four staff attorneys and four legal assistants in a general practice, neighborhood law office, while representing clients in federal and state court matters.

Staff Attorney

At Hyatt Legal Services

From July 1987 to October 1988
Carried on a general practice, in various neighborhood law offices, while representing clients in federal and state court matters.

Emergency Management Program Specialist, GS-12

At Federal Emergency Management Agency, Region Five

From January 1981 to July 1987
Worked on funding and oversight of the regional civil defense programs in state sister agencies, while winning awards, traveling up to 1/2 time in first year and somewhat less thereafter.

Land Law Examiner, GS-11

At U.S. Bureau of Land Management, Wyoming State Office

From November 1979 to January 1981
Adjudicated mineral patents, mining claims, Indian patents, and many other matters. Taught two administrative law classes to other Land Law Examiner staff.

Paralegal Specialist, GS-11

At U.S. Bureau of Land Management, Wyoming State Office

From July 1979 to October 1979
Adjudicated oil and gas interests, wrote administrative law decision letters for supervisory signature, notably in the Naartex Consulting and Geosearch, Inc. series of cases upheld on appeal to the United States Supreme Court.

Postal Clerk, Level Five

At USPS, Chicago Main Post Office

From November 1978 to June 1979
Cased first class, parcel post, and other mail while learning zip codes and studies to work ZMT keyboard for a promotion to level six.

Senior Law Clerk and Law Librarian

At Gottlieb & Schwartz

From January 1975 to November 1978
Supervised up to two other law clerks, updated law library as required, filed court documents with administrative, state, and federal trial and appellate bodies in Chicago, did legal, realty and business/economic research, as required, and performed other duties as required, notably mailing,...
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Illinois Institute Of Technology/Chicago-Kent College Of Law, Chicago, Illinois

Law, Illinois Institute of Technology/Chicago-Kent College of Law

From 1975 to 1978
Law - Performed as a law clerk and law librarian for a LaSalle Street firm, Gottlieb and Schwartz during the whole time I was taking classes

Indiana University Bloomington, Bloomington

Religious Studies and History and Unofficial minors in Spanish, Italian and Political Science, Indiana University Bloomington

From 1970 to 1974
Met my wife and maintained some other friendships and associations


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