Michael Turner

Michael Turner

Engineer, Auto Body

Currently employed at Auto Body


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    Additional material associations may be added in the future. Steering Committee meetings are expected to occur approximately monthly, or as decided by the committee. The principal task of this committee is to insure that the Auto Body objectives are being met and to provide advice on how to maximize the benefit of Auto Body to the participating organizations. The critical role of the founding members will be to serve on the advisory board to CAR in helping to prioritize and guide the Auto Body agenda. CAR will facilitate all Auto Body meetings and prepare material for each meeting, and follow each meeting with minutes. Specific company participants and Steering Committee members are invited to participate in regular technology meetings. A primary responsibility of CAR will be to meet regularly with auto manufacturers to identify mass reduction efforts and challenges, and to bring issues and opportunities to the Auto Body group. The results of CAR investigations (interviews, literature, etc.) into mass reduction will be presented at technology meetings. Where appropriate, CAR will invite Auto Body participants into discussions with industry that involve mass reduction alternatives. CAR will not generally provide specific mass reduction guidance to industry outside of technology solutions proposed by the Auto Body participants. Please inquire about contributions and corporate level participation through the CAR Affiliates Program.



At Auto Body

From June 2000 to Present
my car sales companie uses their persuasive skills to sell new or used cars. They work for automobile dealerships that specialize in specific brands and models of cars -- and most work on commission. Their primary responsibility is selling, but they also have several other key duties.


At Auto Body

From 2000 to Present

Harvard, San Francisco


From 1985 to 1990


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