Michael T. Jackson (Belvedere)

Michael T. Jackson (Belvedere)

Philanthropist and Former Belvedere Resident

Currently employed at SFG Asset Advisors

Previous: Emerging Growth Management


Studying at University Of Virginia



    A former resident of Belvedere, California and chairman of the Napa Medical Research Foundation, Michael T. Jackson is an accomplished professional in the investment and financial fields. Prior to retiring and relocating from Belvedere to Florida in 2002, Michael T. Jackson found success in the startup of numerous companies, including Emerging Growth Management and SFG Asset Advisors. He obtained his bachelor of science in finance from the University of Virginia and later attended an evening graduate program at the University of Southern California (USC), while working full time for Ford Motor Company. In 1968, he graduated from USC with a master of business administration in finance. Jackson also received a certificate from Harvard Business School after completing its Advanced Investment Management Program. Jackson became actively involved in assisting nonprofit organizations after his retirement. He continues to work in the areas of human rights, health care and women’s issues. His previous endeavors include funding projects for the Northern Ireland Peace Process and sponsoring Uganda medical students’ educational careers.




At SFG Asset Advisors

From 2010 to Present


At Emerging Growth Management

From January 1986 to January 2001