Mercedes Claire Gilliom

Mercedes Claire Gilliom

Prof particulier du français, Alliance Française de Chicago

Chicago, United States

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Her background

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Her skills

  • Bande dessinée
  • Cuisine
  • Littérature
  • Sciences humaines et sociales
  • Tourism
  • Translation
  • Translator

Her languages

  • English
  • French
  • Spanish

    Her hobbies

    Education tourism the Paris region contemporary art art history

    About her

    As someone who is passionate about art, literature, travel, and language, I am delighted to offer my services as a full-time French > English translator. I take reading and writing seriously, and my translations are a testament to this commitment.

    I have spent nearly half of the past decade in France. Years spent living, working, and studying in my source language allow me to quickly grasp nuance, idiom, and cultural references in French texts. I work hard to find the most appropriate expressions in English, and to thread these expressions into carefully crafted translations.

    Apart from translation, my previous work experience includes: tourist services in Paris, teaching English as a foreign language to French children and adults, and teaching students with special needs in the United States. In addition, I have a degree in Teaching French as a Foreign Language from the Sorbonne Nouvelle (University of Paris-3), and a B.A. in Interdisciplinary Studies in the Humanities from the University of Chicago.

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