Mehrdad Javaherian

Mehrdad Javaherian

Dr. Mehrdad Javaherian, California-based Env. Engineer and Epidemiologist

Currently employed at Endpoint Consulting , LRM Consulting, Inc.



    As an environmental engineer and epidemiologist, Dr. Mehrdad Javaherian possesses more than two decades of experience as a consultant, with an emphasis on environmental remediation and associated health impacts. Currently, he offers consulting services through his work with LRM Consulting in Burlingame, California, and through Endpoint Consulting in San Francisco. He has handled many projects, ranging in budget from $100,000 to $250 million, and worked with a variety of public agencies. Dr. Mehrdad Javaherian recently served as technical director of an in-situ groundwater remediation project at the Waterways Experiment Station maintained by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers in Vicksburg, Mississippi. He also lent his expertise as a program manager and quality control specialist for a former Atlas 4 Missile Site at Lincoln Air Force Base in Nebraska. Dr. Mehrdad Javaherian is also a technical contributor to Environmental Public Health Today and conducts ongoing research with an interest in the relationship between sustainable emission-reducing best management practices and carbon dioxide health impacts at hazardous remediation sites. He holds degrees in civil/environmental engineering, public health, and a PhD in Epidemiology.



Consulting Pincipal

At Endpoint Consulting

From February 2009 to Present


At LRM Consulting, Inc.

From August 2006 to Present