Maxfield Robert

Maxfield Robert

International/Online Investments Into Oil&Gas/Financial Schemes, Property, Etc.

I'd like to develop my professional network

Currently employed at Finan Petroleum & Financial Ltd


Previous: University Of Pennsylvania



    An investment is a document that contains pertinent information about an asset, corporate business idea, property, or money-making simple strategy, and how it can be funded to make more money. Business persons use an investment summary template as a guide to creating an investment summary. One sure-fire way to gain funding for any business project or idea is by looking for investors who can fund or pull together funds for the business. But, before any entrepreneur can find a good investor who is willing to back the business proposal, At present, we are running a international investment, but the demand for our investment has become much more than we expected, we would like to expand our business. We are into Oil&Gas And Financial Schemes, Property, etc. We are happy to be able to offer this option to anyone that is ready to be an investment agent/partner, we have been asked to supply a national chain of companies. We have been told by several oil&gas company owners that many of their products return just for a piece of our products. We have made several other transactions that have been appreciated too. We believe we can create a smoothly run business that would give substantial financial benefit to us and any person or company that want to work with us. Our business would require trust and honesty. We have enclosed a simple brochure that shows what we are doing now as well as a business plan for expanding. We would like to meet you and give you more information about our venture as well as one of our products. We can be reached anytime at 818-436-0023 or at Finan Petroleum & Financial Ltd


International Investment Manager

At Finan Petroleum & Financial Ltd

From June 1990 to Present
Provides investment information and financial advice; works with corporate and individual clients; and maintains knowledge of a wide range of investment and financial products, including trusts, stocks, bonds, and shares.


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