Marie Bjorklund

Marie Bjorklund

President of


    FundingCatalyst is a unique global team of professionals based in New York City, Seattle, and San Francisco with smaller offices worldwide to serve your funding needs. Over many years, we have created a huge international database, enjoyed helping people, and have been called a "Funding Catalyst". We assist companies with multi-faceted standard and alternative funding, as well as providing them with creative ideas, developing their plans, and solving any problems that may arise. We are associated with a retired Treasurer of a worldwide oil company who managed US $38 billion in investments. His outstanding expertise enhances projects for rapid growth and the benefit of the investors. We work with WTE plants around the world converting much-needed landfills/used tires/toxic waste into electricity, fuel, and other by-products. We have "shovel-ready" plants seeking investors in the US, SE Asia, Africa, and Latin America. Our current largest project is a deep oil well about to be drilled into a huge reservoir in the mountains in the US by an "old timer" driller who has found and developed a number of producing oil wells.. ."Fuel for thought"..... . We receive a wide range of projects seeking funding, such as real estate developments, gold mining ventures, hotels, oil refineries, and hospitals. Inquiries for project funding are matched with venture capitalists, money angels, private equity groups, and lending institutions by project type, monies needed, and geographical location. As we are "networkers extraordinaire", we enjoy organizing large "international networking potlucks" (250+ attendees) to bring together a wide variety of people from around the world to network and share ideas...venture capitalists, project heads, real estate developers, alternative medicine researchers, movie producers and actors, importers, and government heads. You'll make new personal friends and business contacts....and have some fascinating conversations!


  • Energy
  • Event organizing
  • Gold mine ventures
  • International Finance
  • International networking
  • Investments
  • Oil wells