Marc Bednarczyk

Marc Bednarczyk

Marc Bednarczyk joined Augusta after serving his country honorably.

Currently employed at Augusta Elementary


Previous: Boston College



    Handling pupils of various levels can seem like a daunting task for non-seasoned teachers, but for Marc Bednarczyk, everything is just a part of what makes his passion for teaching a great experience every time. With a career spanning more than 7 solid years in the teaching industry, Marc Bednarczyk has attained so much that even teaching professionals who have been in the service for far longer can only hope to duplicate. Determined to prove that each and every child deserves only the best type of education possible, Marc Bednarczyk has worked hand-in-hand with his colleagues and the school administrators in order to attain what he had determined to prove. With his impressive Doctor of Education degree in Educational Leadership, with emphasis on Curriculum and Instruction, Marc had capably practiced what he had learned at the University of Phoenix in order to mold the minds, touch the hearts and transform the lives of his beloved students. Mr. Bednarczyk’s impressive talent and skills had garnered for him the respect and admiration of his students’ parents and his colleagues. Subscribing to the belief that each and every student has their own pace of learning, and deserve to be taught in a manner that is both customized and geared towards mastery of the lesson, Marc has patiently and diligently prepared his lesson guidelines in order to ensure that his lessons are easily understandable by even the least able students in his class. Small wonder, since Marc’s Doctor’s degree does show how sufficient background in Curriculum and Instruction can help one practice their profession.



3rd Grade Teacher

At Augusta Elementary

From 2003 to Present

Boston College, Wisconsin

Bachelors of Arts Degree, Boston College

From 2003 to 2004

Centres d'intérêt

  • Language Arts
  • and Culture and Civicscurricula development
  • molding the minds of young children