Linn Crader

Linn Crader

President, Business Transaction Services, Inc.

Currently employed at Business Transaction Services, Inc.



    As President of Business Transaction Services, Inc. (BTSI), Linn Crader utilizes 25 years of experience in mergers and acquisitions in leading his team, which includes 9 staff members with knowledge in law, finance, accounting, communications, operations, marketing, and strategic planning. The BTSI team also possesses analytical problem-solving abilities, communication skills, creativity, tenacity, and discipline. Linn Crader developed the firm in order to help business owners through each step of the mergers and acquisitions process while ensuring that clients meet their estate planning, lifestyle, professional, and financial goals. Linn Crader and BTSI only represent sellers, as their goal is to help clients sell businesses for the highest price, not help customers buy companies at the lowest price. BTSI understands that perception determines business value more than calculations, and shrewdly examines the client’s business to pinpoint perception. Additionally, BTSI stimulates buyer interest through the marketing of a company’s future business rather than its past. Linn Crader also promises clients that their acquisitions will be handled only by senior members, as his firm does not hire inexperienced staff. Finally, in order to successfully market businesses, BTSI establishes relationships with a large database of buyers across many industries. Through this, Linn Crader strives to present clients with several offers from competitive buyers. In addition to running BTSI, Linn Crader belongs to the International Business Brokers Association, Inc., and the M&A Source. Throughout his career, Crader has held various leadership roles in professional organizations, such as the Institute of Certified Business Counselors, and also sits on the Board of several corporations. Linn Crader believes in the value of education and lends his insight as a guest speaker at professional development seminars and through continuing education courses. Crader began his decades-long career at Finn & West, Inc.




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