Lexis Johnson

Lexis Johnson

IM Empire Builder, Int'l Best Selling Author, Publisher, TV Producer, iTunes

Currently employed at PrettyPublishedPowerful.com


Previous: University Of Arizona



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IM Empire Builder, Author, Publisher, TV Producer, iTunes Publisher, Youtube...

At PrettyPublishedPowerful.com

From 2002 to Present
You know the pain of serving your passions through online coaching yet there's no time-freedom nor financial-freedom? I solve that with "Write It Once and Have It Sell For You Forever" found only in my PrettyPublishedPowerful.com Best Seller Complete Author/Marketing Platform with Guaranteed Media...
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University Of Arizona, Sedona

Psychology, Metaphysics, Business, PhD Psychology; B & M Metaphysics,

From 1992 to 2003
Int'l Best Selling Author, Degrees & certificates I have up the wazoo! The School of Hard Knocks is still the best education! You never forget the mistakes you learn from in life. Experience really is the best teacher:I have 20+ different Masters of Reiki & other energy healing modalities; Reg'd...
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  • Best Seller creator
  • Holistic Nutrition Consultant
  • IM Biz builder
  • IM marketer
  • Lead generation
  • LIghtworker

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