Lawrence Broxmeyer

Lawrence Broxmeyer

Physician/Medical Investigator, N.Y. Institute of Research

Currently employed at N.Y. Institute of Research


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    Einstein once said:"The important thing is not to stop questioning." Lawrence Broxmeyer, MD is a physician/ researcher and the founder of the N.Y. Institute of Medical Research, based in Whitestone, New York who never stopped such questioning. A currently licensed physician in Pennsylvania, Dr. Lawrence Broxmeyer attended medical school at the Far Eastern University. Having completed his residency training, Lawrence Broxmeyer treated many of the victims of America’s coastal AIDS crisis. Unsatisfied with the current treatment and AIDS hypothesis, he collaborated with colleagues from other universities, studying and developing a novel treatment of AIDS mycobacteria, the primary infectious disease in AIDS. During this time, Dr. Lawrence Broxmeyer also served as an Internist at affiliates of SUNY Downstate Medical Center, the NYU Langone Medical Center, and the New York Presbyterian Hospital/Wiell Cornell Medical Center. Dr. Lawrence Broxmeyer has an extensive list of publications in the U.S. National Library of Medicine. One topic Broxmeyer explored was the technique of using mycobacteriophages (viruses that infect mycobacterial hosts), which are delivered via a non-virulent mycobacterium, as a method of therapy for intracellular bacterial pathogens. This study showed exponential killing in surplus of currently used treatments for eliminating Mycobacterium avium and Mycobacterium tuberculosis. Books written by Lawrence Broxmeyer MD: Dr. Lawrence Broxmeyer, MD Parkinson’s: Another Look New Century Press, 2002 pp. 82 ISBN: 1890035262, 9781890035266 Dr. Lawrence Broxmeyer MD AIDS: What the Discoverers of HIV Never Admitted 3rd Edition New Century Press, 2003 pp. 81 ISBN: 1890035297, 9781890035297 Textbooks and Periodicals in which Dr. Lawrence Broxmeyer MD appeared in: Dr. Lawrence Broxmeyer; Phage Therapy: A Trojan Horse Approach to the Control of Intracellular Pathogens; In Patho-Biotechnology Eds Roy Sleator and Colin Hill Landes Bioscience July 2008 pp. 238. 41-49 Dr. Lawrence Broxmeyer, MD The Untold Truth about Cancer- Pts 1 and 2 Nexus Vol 17 No 1-No2 Dec 2009-Jan 2010 pp35-40; February-March 2010 pp.37-42. Medline Publications of Dr. Lawrence Broxmeyer as listed in The U.S. National Library of Medicine, National Institutes of Health: Killing of Mycobacterium avium and Mycobacterium tuberculosis by a mycobacteriophage delivered by a nonvirulent mycobacterium: a model for phage therapy of intracellular bacterial pathogens. Dr. Lawrence Broxmeyer MD, Sosnowska et al. Journal of Infectious Diseases. 2002 Oct 15;186(8):1155-60. Epub 2002 Sep 30.PMID: 12355367 [indexed for MEDLINE] Is cancer just an incurable infectious disease? Dr. Lawrence Broxmeyer MD Med Hypotheses. 2004;63(6):986-96.PMID: 15504566 [PubMed - indexed for MEDLINE] Is mad cow disease caused by a bacteria? Dr. Lawrence Broxmeyer Med Hypotheses. 2004;63(4):731-9.PMID: 15325025 [indexed for MEDLINE] Bacteriophages: antibacterials with a future? Dr. Lawrence Broxmeyer Med Hypotheses. 2004;62(6):889-93.PMID: 15142642 [indexed for MEDLINE] Heart disease: the greatest 'risk' factor of them all. Dr. Lawrence Broxmeyer Med Hypotheses. 2004;62(5):773-9.PMID: 15082105 [indexed for MEDLINE] SARS: just another viral acronym? Dr. Lawrence Broxmeyer Med Hypotheses. 2003 Aug;61(2):314-7.PMID: 12888325 [indexed for MEDLINE] Is AIDS really caused by a virus? Dr. Lawrence Broxmeyer Med Hypotheses. 2003 May;60(5):671-88. No abstract available. PMID: 12710902 [indexed for MEDLINE] Parkinson's: another look. Dr. Lawrence Broxmeyer Med Hypotheses. 2002 Oct;59(4):373-7.PMID: 12208174 [indexed for MEDLINE] AIDS: "it's the bacteria, stupid!". Dr. Lawrence Broxmeyer, MD, Dr. Alan Cantwell, MD.


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