Larry Potter

Larry Potter

VIPCO Advisor - Businesses Can Save 30% -

Arizona, United States

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I work with a global company that has saved companies millions of dollars on their annual costs and I wanted to ask you IF WE CAN SAVE YOUR COMPANY APPROXMIATELY 30% ON YOUR ANNUAL COST, WOULND’T IT MAKE SENSE TO HAVE OUR ANALYST DO A NO COST ANALYSIS FOR YOU AS WELL?

It could potentially save thousands every year on what you’re already spending and don’t even need to see your finances - just what you are spending on goods and services.

It’s a discreet Cost Reduction Analysis that we’ve conducted globally for companies such as Bristol Meyers, Bank of America, Volkswagen and many others.

We actually just did an analysis for a company with a $15 million revenue and was able to save them $4.2 million. This helps the bottom line and helps save jobs as well.

We provide discreet analysis services for CEOs, CFOs, Presidents and Department heads, around the world, that want to increase their company’s bottom line profits.

We do the Analysis and Provide the Methods and the Work required to secure your savings.

There is zero upfront cost for us to find out if we can save your company. We are only paid if we can save clients’ money and are “Paid from the Savings” after we sign an agreement to do the work for you. So there is no risk. Our Analysts do literally 99% of the work and you do not need to come up with old receipts or spend hours digging through old data. We do not need to “See your books” either. – You just give us a simple report.

Does it make sense to find out how much we can save your company as well?

Note: We just added this service, only applicable in the USA....

USA Only - Do You Need Business Funding in as little as 24-hours in some cases?
No collateral needed, No minimum FICO score.
Qualify for up to $500k after being in business for only 4 months.
We do not charge interest.

Simply complete our one page application with 4 months business bank statement and 4 months credit card processing statement if applicable.

Contact us at

Best Regards,
Larry Potter

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