Kulinda Davis

Kulinda Davis

Director of the Grain Processing Industry, Verenium Corporation

Currently employed at Verenium Corporation


Previous: University Of Western Sydney



    An organized and knowledgeable biofuels executive with a keen understanding of the business requirements needed to launch a project, Kulinda Davis establishes mechanisms to produce biofuels and organic intermediates from such readily available organisms as algae. Throughout her career, Dr. Davis has focused on the development of biofuel alternatives to conventional fossil fuels. A project management professional with certification from Villanova University, Kulinda Davis studied at the University of New South Wales and the University of Western Sydney, earning her PhD in 2005. Dr. Davis also completed a Bachelor of Science in Food Science and Technology at Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology in Kenya. Kulinda Davis generated significant professional attention in one of her early roles in the industry as Technology Analyst and Researcher for the Australia-based Manildra Group. In that position, she plotted manufacturing and usability data to determine the efficacy of converting equipment and dedicating agricultural resources to ethanol. During this time, she completed coursework and her dissertation for her PhD and identified mechanisms to reduce waste in cellulosic energy. Her expertise in biofuel technology, as well as her comprehensive business acumen, prompted PricewaterhouseCoopers to invite Kulinda Davis to join its team in Australia in 2005. For two years, she assisted the firm's efforts in developing methodologies to advise energy clients on regulatory and market analysis, compliance, and research. Today, Kulinda Davis oversees wide-ranging biofuels research and business development activities. As the Director of the Grain Processing Industry for Verenium Corporation, she leads strategic and functional planning for projects to establish best practices to replace traditional fuels and organic intermediates with newly discovered biofuel options, which could extend current fossil fuel supplies and serve as viable alternatives for conventional energy sources.



Director of the Grain Processing Industry

At Verenium Corporation

From 2010 to Present