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Kevin Fitzgerald

CEO, Global Capital Advisors, LLC

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    As Founder, Chairman, and President of U.S. Advisors, LLC, Kevin Fitzgerald brings more than 35 years of real estate experience to his work as head of the multi-billion-dollar investment firm. Headquartered in Napa, California, and launched in 1999, Kevin Fitzgerald and the team at U.S. Advisors connect investors with promising properties in cities across the United States. U.S. Advisors specializes in providing commercial property options for individual investors needing to do tax deferred exchanges. Kevin Fitzgerald identifies promising properties in cities whose economies appear poised on the edge of substantial growth. Once he and his colleagues have targeted those markets, they build a pool of investors to acquire structures and land, and subsequently manage the properties on behalf of the clients. The firm purchased more than $1 billion in new properties across the country in 2005, and paced its purchases at $100 million per month the following year. The staff grew with the firm's business load, from six employees in 2003 to more than 70 just three years later. One of Mr. Fitzgerald’s most satisfying deals in 2006 involved the company’s new home offices in Napa. In partnership with a local developer, CDI, LLC, U.S. Advisors constructed two new buildings and purchased an old Wells Fargo Bank structure for a total office area of 68,344 square feet. Under the collective name of Napa Square Associates, Mr. Fitzgerald’s firm and CDI opened a new retail and office complex that included the new headquarters of U.S. Advisors. When hunting for real estate investment opportunities, Mr. Fitzgerald looks for apartment complexes, self-storage facilities, offices, and industrial properties for purchase in southern California, Arizona, the Carolinas, Georgia, and Texas. In recent years, he and his partners have identified promising acquisitions in smaller markets like Little Rock, Arkansas, and Memphis, Tennessee.




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