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Kevin Buckwalter

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    Dr. Kevin R. Buckwalter, M.D. has over seven years of experience providing health care services to residents of Henderson, Nevada. Buckwalter first began working in the Clark County town in 2000, when he joined with the Fremont Medical Center’s Family Practice and Urgent Care branch. Buckwalter served for two years with the center, which is oldest health care provider in Las Vegas Valley. Buckwalter left Nevada to work briefly in California’s Sierra View District Hospital. After less than a year in California, Buckwalter returned home to Nevada to begin his own family practice, Kevin Buckwalter, M.D. Ltd., back in Henderson. Henderson has enjoyed Buckwalter’s services since 2001, and the town itself has grown considerably since then, now boasting a full stack of high-end residential areas, shopping malls, restaurants and resorts. Henderson was even included on Money magazine’s 2006 edition of the top 100 places to live in the U.S., ranking 20th. Henderson was also honored as the sixth best city for walking in 2007, as chosen by Prevention magazine. Henderson boasts an impressive Nevada location; it is close to the Hoover Damn and Lake Mead, two of the largest man made creations in their respect fields, and the town is also minutes from Las Vegas. Henderson’s proximity to Las Vegas allows Kevin Buckwalter to live out of his Las Vegas home and travel only a short distance to serve his patients in Henderson. Buckwalter is accustomed to life in Nevada; he completed his undergraduate studies at the University of Nevada, Reno, graduating with a Bachelor of Science in Public Health. While studying at the University, Buckwalter participated in important research, helping Dr. Agyli and the Department of Zoology with “Glial Regeneration in an Insect Central Nervous System.” Kevin Buckwalter earned the United States Achievement Collegiate Award for his work at the University of Nevada.



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