Kenneth Haney

Kenneth Haney

Kenneth Haney, Chief Executive of Texas Air Shuttle

Currently employed at Texas Air Shuttle , United Airlines

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    Kenneth D. Haney, an entrepreneur and aircraft pilot, is qualified to operate aircraft ranging from the B747-400 to the Airbus A320. Over his career in the military and in private industry, he honed his piloting and management skills. Later, Kenneth D. Haney leveraged those skills in establishing Texas Air Shuttle, a Conroe, Texas-based firm dedicated to providing a high professional standard of airline service to business travelers through out Texas, Arkansas, Oklahoma and Louisiana. While based in Europe Ken Haney attended Embry Riddle Aeronautical University through the Military Educational Program, securing his bachelor of science in professional Aeronautics. Further, he Attended the University of Maryland Europe where he Majored in Business and Math. Ken Haney’s education also includes time at the Warrant Officer Academy where he received his Military flight training . In fact, he was deployed to instruct flight commanders during the Persian Gulf War. When not working, Mr. Haney enjoys spending quality time with his family. He stays physically active by swimming and participating in the sport of motocross.




At Texas Air Shuttle

From March 2014 to Present

University Of Maryland, College Park

Bachelor of Science (B.S.), Business Management and Organizational Behavior, University of Maryland

From January 1982 to January 1986