Karl-Michael Sala

Karl-Michael Sala

GermanGenealogist.com The German Genealogist since 1979! Thousands found. Next?

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    Since 1979: Online & offline USA, immigration & Euro-German ancestry, genealogy & family history research a/k/a Ahnenforschung for international clients from South Africa to New South Wales. We now work on a contingency basis, i.e. IF we accept your case at all. Single source N America searches are $100; Across the water searches are $1,000 to $if we are successful. Advance retainers &/or pledges are in increments of thousands of $. “Karl & Lynell Sala of GermanGenealogist.com! Help me find my ancestors—before I become one!” You just made one of the best connections--ever--with a very successful genealogist married couple. When it comes to loving your ancestral family members, we are shameless. 1972: played in a soul music band with Tim Russ (Tuvok, black Vulcan, Star Trek Voyager). So guess whom Tim would hire to find his Russ family in all USA documents back to & including his pre-Emancipation, previously unknown ancestor, Itasca "Tasker" Russ! Karl-Michael Sala, owner of GermanGenealogist.com is a near-death experience survivor, has been cracking cases since 1979. He continues to setbroke the milestones set in the previous 2 years! Read his historically (Past), temporally (Present) & eternally (Future) valuable message. When Ancestry.com created a research team, guess who were the very 1st two persons they hand-picked to initialize that team? Karl, then Lynell Sala! Why? How about an 80% success ratio in having found what their subscribers could not find! Then, 2006-2007, Karl was THE primary European & German Genealogy research consultant for Ancestry.de[utschland]. When that, too, was disbanded, Karl & Lynell launched GermanGenealogist.com. It was the best thing they ever did, for, each year, GermanGenealogist.com has set new quantity & quality European & German Genealogy research milestones! As a 1995 near-death experience survivor, Karl says that time is short. There’s no more time to just "dink" with ancestry, genealogy & family history. Since 1979, he has found THOUSANDS of data, documents & images on THOUSANDS of ancestral family members for HUNDREDS of clients, family, friends & patrons! Lynell & Karl pay a 10% residual reward for referrals--even if they seal the deal. You may offer your patrons & clients a whopping 50% discount on their initial research retainer ($1,000 to $10,000) that is online or from microfilm. Nobody is offering this! Expensive? No, Ma'am. Expensive is when you spend 30 years just TRYING to find what we usually DO FIND within ONE week or month! Need 3rd party references? Read 131+ Endearing Endorsements on Linkedin.com! And that's just written since 2008 from coaches, colleagues, competitors & clients that extend all the way back to Karl’s high school in Izmir, Turkey! Hundreds more offline. Since 2010: We've set more milestones, i.e. found more ancestors (1,165+) in more towns & villages of Baden, Bayern, Rhein-Hessen & Württemberg (provinces of Germany), Forro (town in Hungary), Schakuhnen (town in Lithuania), (numerous places in Poland), Italy & the USA--in less time-- than EVER! Since 1979, my wife & I have found thousands of data, documents & images on thousands of ancestral family members for hundreds of clients. We love what we do & wish to remain your occasional ancestral family servants--forever. Most of our cases are complicated, but usually not insurmountable. Lynell & Karl-Michael Sala karlmsala@msn.com http://www.germangenealogist.com/about-us-lynell-karl-michael-sala/ * 480-507-3316 = 1-888-456-7252 (both 24/7 #s, but mornings are best) * 5010 E Cheyenne Dr #1023 Phoenix, AZ 85044-1733 USA


German Genealogist

At GermanGenealogist.com

From 2008 to Present

Owner & Chief German Genealogist

At GermanGenealogist.com

From 1979 to Present
sales, service, research, reporting, chief cook & bottle washer{;>)

German Genealogist

At Ancestry.com & Ancestry.de

From 2005 to 2007
Management? That would have been a demotion! However, I was the go-to guy when team members needed help with research realities. The manager could not perform as Karl did. Instead & rather, Karl was THE primary German Genealogy research consultant who replied to the questions from native Germans...
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Brigham Young University, Provo

BA, International Relations (emphasis: Pro' Genealogy Research), Brigham Young University

From 1978 to 1981
International - German Genealogy Research class--Larry O. Jensen, PhD (wrote correspondence letters in old German handwriting.) 2 beautiful daughters; often also had a full-time job; later had 2 handsome sons! Each is brilliant. They each taught me more about life than any other education.


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