Ronald  P. Juliano Sr

Ronald P. Juliano Sr

Retired Supportive case manager for the disabled

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    MBA,BS,BBA,AAS - former sales manager,supportive case manager,NYS hospital procurement officer. Academic scholarship to St. John's University,US Army award for soldier of the year. Suffolk County Award for Outstanding Supportive Case Manager. Volunteer at NYS Pilgrim State Hospital and NYS Veteran's Nursing Home. Currently trying to help disabled veterans by marketing and selling products made by disabled veterans. See- and- Buy- American flags made by disabled veterans or send a donation - send $5.00 plus $4.00 shipping and handling for each flag to the Administrator - Ronald P. Matonti,120 Addison Place,Medford,NY 11763-1540




At Suffolk Veteran Sales

From 2003 to 2010
Acquired necessary licenses to market and sell products made by disabled veterans. Established website and blogs to promote and market products made by disabled veterans. Produced literature and connected with other agencies and sites to gain exposure on search engines and social media. Monitored...
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St John'S University, Jamaica

St. John's University, St John'S University

From 1964 to 1968
Business - Academic Scholarship


  • Activis
  • Administration
  • Management
  • Marketing
  • Procurement
  • Progressive
  • Social Media marketing
  • Socialism

Centres d'intérêt

  • Reburbishing old children's bicycles like new and giving them to disadvantaged children at churches
  • food pantries and Boys and Girls Club.
  • soup kitchens