Judy Morris

Judy Morris

Master of Feng Shui, FSRC, Feng Shui Research Center USA

Currently employed at Feng Shui Research Center USA





    Judy Morris, Master of Feng Shui and Public Speaker, has worked as a Time-space feng shui professional and teacher for over 20 years and has clients throughout the continental United States, the Caribbean, Canada and Europe. She is the first American certified to practice and teach Xuan Kong Fei Xing (Time-Space Feng Shui), and she is the first American designated as a Feng Shui Master through the Feng Shui Research Center founded by Master Joseph Yu. Judy has spent years in intensive study with Master Yu and in dedicated practice during which she developed expertise in such diverse aspects of Feng Shui theory and application as He Tu, the Luo Shu, the Tai Ji, yin/yang principles, Xian Tian Bagua, the Hou Tian Bagua, the trigrams, the Professional Yijing, the Eight House System, Na Jia, the Twenty-four Mountains, Ba Zi, Purple White, Divine Water Dragon methods, Divine Mountain Dragon methods, Da Gua, Xuan Kong Fei Xing (Time-Space Feng Shui, including Flying Stars), Qi Men Dun Jia, and other systems involving the use of the Luo Pan as well as the Ba Zi, Nine Star Ki, Melodic Elements, Physiognomy, Yi Jing, and more. For years Judy searched for a Qi Gong teacher to assist her in having a deeper experience of the qi she works with in Feng Shui. In 2004 she found much more than a Qi Gong teacher! She met Dr. Barry A. Morguelan who is one of fewer than 100 who have successfully completed the training to help people connect to the underlying energy and to teach others how to stay connected and use that connection successfully. Since that time Judy has been engaging in the offerings of the Morguelan Energy Institute to deepen and more effectively employ her connection to the energy that is the ‘root of the tree’ of Feng Shui and affiliated practices. Through the ongoing learning and employment of these practices under the expert supervision of Dr. Morguelan, she has been able to surpass the general expectations of her clients and students in the efficacy of the Feng Shui services she provides and teaches.


Master of Feng Shui, FSRC

At Feng Shui Research Center USA

Time Space Feng Shui consulting, Professional Ba Zi charts, Physognomy (Face Reading) consultations, Site Selection, Collaboration for Site Development of all types, Teaching.



From 1990 to 2011
Although I put a year of graduation, there is no such thing as graduating from learning true Feng Shui.


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