Joshua   Duerk

Joshua Duerk

Owner, Real Estate Develpment and Bulk Trash Removal

Currently employed at Real Estate Develpment and Bulk Trash Removal


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    After graduating from Drexel University in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania with a Bachelor of Science degree in Marketing, Joshua Duerk used the skills he gained in college, along with his personal business acumen, to build his own company from the ground up. The business has two separate areas: Duerk & Associates Real Estate Development and Duerk & Associates Bulk Trash Removal. Joshua Duerk’s real estate development company turns distressed, pre-foreclosure, and foreclosure residential properties into affordable housing for Maryland families. While some properties require only minimal cleanup, others need complete rehabilitation. The end product is a well-appointed home. Families with housing subsidies such as Section 8 or the Rental Allowance Program can find clean, comfortable homes that are well-maintained by Joshua Duerk’s company. Mr. Duerk maintains the homes to the standard he would require if he lived there himself, and his tenants frequently express their appreciation for the level of service Duerk & Associates provides. Joshua Duerk’s bulk trash removal business works with organizations such as apartment complexes, condominiums, office buildings, retail centers, and warehouses in the Washington, D.C. metropolitan region. The company provides trash removal and recycling services that are environmentally conscious and aesthetically pleasing. This aspect of the company maintains rapid growth, and Mr. Duerk expects it to continue to expand over the next decade. It is Joshua Duerk’s personal philosophy that has allowed him to provide such excellent service in his business dealings. Mr. Duerk knows he is working with human beings, not merely clients or customers, and he places compassion and doing the right thing above other values. This philosophy extends to his employees, whom he feels are his company’s greatest asset.




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