Joni Ruttenbur

M&A IT Program Managment Consultant , Blue Coat Systems

Santa Clara, United States

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Her background

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About her

An experienced program management professional, Joni Ruttenbur currently provides her expertise as a consultant. Most recently, she has worked for BlueCoat Systems, providing assistance during its acquisition of Crossbeam. She previously performed a similar function at NetApp during its acquisition of LSI’s Engenio. Joni Ruttenbur also provided NetApp with program management services related to its global sourcing services. She began her career as a consultant at Brocade Communications, where she worked with the senior director of global communications.

Prior to beginning her consulting career, Joni Ruttenbur worked for a number of companies including Blue Shield of California, Kaiser Permanente, PeopleSoft, and SBC Communications. While at Blue Shield of California she served as the senior program manager for e-business, and at Kaiser Permanente she was the manager and director for program management and business infrastructure. Joni Ruttenbur spent five years at PeopleSoft, holding multiple managerial and directorial positions. Prior to her service at PeopleSoft, she worked for SBC Communications as area manager for its information technology prioritization group and as IT business manager for customer care systems.