Jonathan Salfeld

Jonathan Salfeld

Founder and Executive, Greenplain Consulting

Currently employed at Greenplain Consulting


Previous: Tulane University Law School



    Jonathan Salfeld founded Denver-based Greenplain Consulting in 2008. Currently an executive at the firm, Jonathan Salfeld draws upon his expertise in agency law, licensure, and regulatory design to help launch successful businesses that operate in highly regulated industries. He coordinates and supervises a team of legal, regulatory, construction, security, and system design consultants. Keeping on top of ever-evolving laws, he researches regulatory agencies and writes articles on industry issues. Newly opened markets provide another research topic. To encourage industry cooperation and the passage of beneficial legislation, Salfeld lobbies on behalf of his clients at numerous trade group meetings. He has advised clients on forming political alliances through trade groups and political associations. In addition, he supervises final licensure documents and produces employee manuals, construction and security plans, compliance guides, website and marketing plans, and public relations guides. He assists with job placement as well. Before founding Greenplain Consulting, Salfeld gained knowledge in an array of fields. His background includes experience in personnel, construction management, business and regulatory law, agricultural work, and technology. While studying for a law degree at Tulane University in New Orleans, he worked in the construction industry and managed and built commercial and residential property. He also worked on insurance and energy construction job sites for major companies as a compliance officer and construction manager. Taking advantage of his Denver location, Jonathan Salfeld enjoys skiing, backpacking, hiking, shooting, and ATV riding. He also loves listening to live music, especially jazz, blues, hip hop, and rock.



Founder and Executive

At Greenplain Consulting

From 2008 to Present


  • Agency Law
  • Coalition-Building
  • Licensure
  • Political Consulting
  • Public relations
  • Regulatory Compliance
  • Trade Group Formation

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  • ATV Riding
  • Back-country Skiing
  • Backpacking
  • Live Music
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  • Shooting
  • Skiing