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John Labunski

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    Based in Texas, retirement expert John Labunski founded Retirement Wealth Talk Radio, an hour-long, nationally syndicated show, in 2008. Co-hosting with Joe Pagliarulo, known as Joe Pags, he lends common sense, education, and comedic insight to discussions on topics such as cash and asset management, estate planning, tax strategies, college funding, and lifestyle protection. John Labunski’s rules on retirement and money management are simple. Rule number one is: “Do not lose money.” Rule number two: “Do not forget rule number one.” He also understands safe-money investment tools, insurance, and financial products based on insurance and recognizes the incentives financial professionals have for selling annuities or mutual funds that may not serve their clients well. On Retirement Wealth Talk Radio, produced in a Houston studio, John Labunski explains to listeners that they need not risk retirement savings to win. Those approaching retirement typically have worked 30 or 40 years building their nest eggs, and John Labunski endeavors to help them preserve their assets, forewarning and forearming them against front-loaded funds and other costly financial products. A cornerstone of the show, integrity, means the information on Retirement Wealth Talk Radio benefits the recipients, not the providers. John Labunski also serves as President and Chief Executive Officer of Lincoln Wealth Strategies, LLC, which he established in 2002. Previously, he acted as President of various firms, accumulating a lengthy history of large-scale profits, client satisfaction, and sales success. John Labunski studied engineering in college, graduating first in his engineering school, and earning a personal recommendation from the school’s dean.




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