Jerome Eberle

Jerome Eberle

Writing and Editing Professional, Jerome Eberle

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    Specializing in editorial oversight and literary review, Jerome Eberle most recently acted as an Editorial Assistant for the Adult Books section of Booklist magazine, an official publication of the American Library Association. He served in this position for over five years, holding responsibility for a number of tasks related to the smooth functioning of the section. In addition to maintaining contact with numerous reviewers, James Eberle oversaw the copyediting of incoming reviews and outgoing corrections, as well as the adherence of strict deadlines. An essential part of the everyday functions of the publication, he also strived to ensure the timely and quality release of written items. Prior to his work with Booklist magazine, Jerome Eberle acted as a Member and Customer Service Associate at the American Library Association. Supporting the work of the Director of Customer Service, Jerome Eberle was highly involved with tasks pertaining to cross-selling, membership updates, accurate reporting and analysis, and information dissemination through a wide variety of channels. He also played a large part in the membership pages for the American Library Association, undergoing training for the maintenance and creation of the organization’s main website. Today, Jerome Eberle has dedicated himself to maintaining meaningful relationships throughout the industry, offering his expertise and insight for a number of projects and endeavors. The recipient of an Editing Certificate from The University of Chicago, he plans to continue his work as an editor. In his free time, Jerome Eberle enjoys reading, biking, and listening to music.



Writing and Editing Professional

At Jerome Eberle

From 2010 to 2011
Jerome Eberle continues his work as an industry professional and recognized editorial expert.

Publishing Assistant

At American Library Association

From 2005 to 2010
Provided editorial support to the Adult Books Editor in his efforts to prepare his section for publication.


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