Jeffrey Greiner Advanced Bionics

Jeffrey Greiner Advanced Bionics

A Senior Executive in Medical Technology Development

Valencia, United States

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His background

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His skills

  • Medical technology
  • Neuromodulation technology

His languages

  • English

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    About him

    An executive leader in medical technology development, Jeff Greiner began working in the industry in the mid 1980s as general counsel at Siemens-Pacesetter Systems. In 1992, he joined a small Los Angeles area start-up called Advanced Bionics as chief operating officer. Over the next 18 years, Greiner played a critical role in growing that start-up from a handful of scientists and engineers to a global powerhouse in neuromodulation.

    Greiner served as president and chief executive officer at the height of Advanced Bionics’ success during the 2000s. At that time, the company produced revenues in excess of $300 million. In the late 2000s, Boston Scientific purchased Advanced Bionics’ neuromodulation division and Sonova bought the company’s cochlear implant unit. The latter continues to create devices that help deaf and near-deaf people to hear.

    Today, Jeff Greiner serves as the CEO of the neuromodulation technology pioneer Valencia Technologies Corporation. The company, which recently completed a new Class III medical product manufacturing site, will begin testing its technology in an international feasibility clinical trial in summer 2013.