Jeffery Fraser

Former CEO, NIC, Inc.

Teton Village, United States

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    Former CEO

    NIC, Inc.

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Now retired, seasoned executive Jeffery Fraser has more than 20 years of experience at a number of companies, including 18 years as the Chief Executive Officer of NIC, Inc. Mr. Fraser attended Baker University, where he studied the liberal arts for several years before leaving to enter the work force in 1980. Before returning to university, this time at Friends University in Wichita, Kansas, Jeffery Fraser worked for Foot Locker, Inc. in Ogden, Utah; Webber Real Estate in Ogden, Utah; Promation in Salt Lake City, Utah; and AT&T Inc. in Wichita, Kansas. Jeffery Fraser earned his Bachelor of Science in Human Resource Management at Friends University in 1989 and his Master of Science in Information Systems from the same university in 1991.

After completing his MS, Jeffery Fraser founded the Kansas Information Consortium, the National Information Consortium, and several other companies. Mr. Fraser had developed the central concept for his businesses while working on his Master's thesis. With a focus on helping individuals and businesses interact with governments via the Internet-based applications, Jeffery Fraser's companies combined in 1998 and took on the name NIC, Inc. NIC went public in 1999 under the NASDAQ Stock Market symbol EGOV. Then the CEO of NIC, Jeffery Fraser retired in 1999.

After the dot-com bubble burst in 2000, NIC found itself on the brink of collapse in 2002, at which point the company invited Jeffery Fraser to return to his position as Chief Executive Officer. Working without a salary, Mr. Fraser returned NIC to profitability and grew the company's market share and value. Jeffery Fraser continued on as CEO of NIC until retiring again in 2008. He remained on the company's board until 2009.

In addition to his intensive work with NIC, Jeffery Fraser has created and supported a number of small business ventures. He continues to foster new enterprises and has dedicated a great deal of his energy in the last few years to assisting his wife Ingrid in her efforts to reopen the historic Tsaina Lodge near Valdez, Alaska.