Jean-Marc Guilloux

Jean-Marc Guilloux

Independent Consultant, Electric Power Conversion

Currently employed at PCMC International, LLC

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    30 years of worldwide experience providing high-quality on-site expert solutions that help deliver the best value in international industrial projects. • Work experience in 25 countries, including USA (20 years), France, India, Russia, Australia, Canada and countries in Middle-East, Africa and Latin America • Bilingual French-English; Other languages: German, Russian • Unique combination of specific technical skills and a strong dedication to customer satisfaction • Problem-solving and management of technical and business matters in challenging multicultural and multilingual environments • Hands-on field expertise, autonomy, attention to detail, adaptability to harsh work environments, diplomatic skills at all levels of organizations • Experience in various industries: Oil & Gas (compression, steamcracking, extrusion), Aluminium (smelters), Marine (ship propulsion), Aerospace (wind tunnels, test benches), Water (desalination, pumping stations), Energy (power conversion, power plants, renewable, storage) Specialties • On-site expert services: training/coaching, investigation, troubleshooting, commissioning, upgrading, engineering • Interacting with managers, engineers, and technicians of various nationalities and cultural backgrounds • Large static Power Conversion & Motor Control systems (up to 100 Megawatts): diode/thyristor rectifiers, thyristor/IGBT Variable Speed Drive & HVDC systems, controls (PLC, SCADA), High/Low Voltage equipment • Professional, high added-value English/French technical translation



At PCMC International, LLC

From 1995 to Present
• Expert on-site consulting services, including training & coaching, engineering support, commissioning, preventive maintenance, and troubleshooting, on applications involving some of the world’s largest Rectifier and Variable Speed Drive Systems. Manufacturers include: GE Power Conversion, Alstom...
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Sales Support and Applications Engineer

At Jeumont-Schneider Industrie / Cegelec Automation, Inc. (formerly part of Alstom)

From 1992 to 1995
Promoted and supported sales of large Variable Speed Drive Systems (up to $25 million per project), for various American markets including: Oil & Gas Industry, Government, OEM’s, Utilities. Applications engineering. Reviewed technical specifications. Handled coordination with France-based...
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Commissioning Manager

At Jeumont Schneider (Groupe Schneider)

From 1984 to 1992
Managed factory testing, site commissioning, and delivery to client of projects involving large Variable Speed Drive Systems (up to 47,000 horsepower), medium voltage and high voltage equipment, static power converters, transformers, motors, auxiliary equipment, controls. End users include: EXXON...
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