Jay Hoffman

Jay Hoffman

Film Producer, 28 Entertainment

Jay Hoffman - Film Producer in Los Angeles, California

Currently employed at 28 Entertainment



    Along with his son, Brian A. Hoffman, producer Jay Hoffman founded a film development, production, and finance company based out of Los Angeles, California. The firm, 28 Entertainment, was founded in 2008 and has produced and released several feature films. Among the films Jay Hoffman and his development company plan to release are Code Name: Johnny Walker, which is about the Harper Collins best-selling book with the same name, and Big Life, a tale about a father and son who drive across the country and learn about each other along the way. Before he began his foray into film, Jay Hoffman dealt with foreign affairs issues pertaining to American policy making. During the 1980s and 1990s, he participated in numerous foreign policy matters, mostly during President Ronald Reagan’s tenure. In 1986, he created a consulting firm that handled foreign policy issues and political strategy. He represented clients living in South Africa, Bangladesh, Taiwan, Russia, the Philippines, Japan, and the Middle East. It was after establishing this firm that Mr. Hoffman began producing television documentaries which provided unbiased analyses of America's handling of controversial foreign policy matters.



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