Jason Ide

Jason  Ide

President, Teamsters Local 814

Long Island City, United States

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His background

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    Teamsters Local 814

    I was elected to this position in 2010 after working as a member in the Local for six years. Elected at age twenty-eight, I am one of the youngest principal officers in the Teamsters Union. During those six years, I worked as Sotheby's auction house as an art mover and served as alternate steward and on the Union's bargaining committee. As a member of the bargaining committee, I organized the first contract campaign at Sotheby's, which delivered the largest wage increases that the members at the auction house had received in over a decade. As President of Local 814, I represent over 1,000 members in the New York City area. The majority of these members work for our twenty-four commercial moving companies, while others work for Sotheby's and Christie's Auction houses and various other employers.

    My main responsibility is negotiating thirty-one contract on behalf of one-thousand workers. I also help enforce those contracts by filing grievances and defending members at arbitration. I also sit as a Trustee on the Teamsters Local 814 Pension and Annuity Funds, as well as on the Northern New Jersey Teamsters Benefit Plan. I also serve on the Political Outreach Committee for Joint Council 16, and have been involved in Occupy Wall Street.

    Negotiating a strong Moving and Storage Contract covered eight hundred members that raised wages and secured the Pension Fund. I also saved the Local 814 Medical Fund from imminent collapse by merging in into a larger fund, and was thereby able to reinstate previously cut benefits and give members access to the Blue Cross/Blue Shield Network. In two years, I was able to stabilize the finances of the Local Union, pay off our back debts, stabilize the benefits, improve contract and increase contract enforcement. I am also leading a contract fight with Sotheby's auction house, which has garnered strong international support, media attention and support from Occupy Wall Street. The dispute is ongoing.
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    January 2010
    December 2004

    Art Mover

    1000 - 4999 employees

    I moved art and antiques for the auction house. I was also an active members of Teamsters Local 814, alternate steward and was elected to the bargaining committee.
  • University of Michigan

    Political Science - As a member of Students Organizing for Labor Equality (SOLE), I organized strike support for labor disputes on campus. During a strike of the Lecturers Union (LEO), I organized over 500 students to walk the picket line in support of their demands for fair wages and benefits. I also studied labor history and political theory, and received a degree in political science.

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His skills

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His hobbies

Occupy Wall Street

About him

A union man since his college days, Jason Ide became one of the International Brotherhood of Teamsters’ youngest leaders in 2010 at age 28. Elected as President of Teamsters Local 814 in the New York City area, he has successfully led the organization through a 10-month lockout at Sotheby's, contract negotiations with twenty-four moving and storage companies, and the rebuilding of the union's medical benefits. The local union’s 1,000 members move items for commercial firms, auction houses, and other companies. As a former art mover at Sotheby’s, Jason Ide previously served on the union’s bargaining committee as an alternate steward, honing his skills in negotiating.

During his tenure as President of Teamsters Local 814, Jason Ide has protected the pension fund and coordinated the efforts of members on the ground, picketing substandard moving companies and raising awareness of commercial moving as a trade. Under Mr. Ide's leadership, Local 814 members received access to the Blue Cross/Blue Shield network for health insurance and saw their prescription and dental coverage restored. Moreover, Mr. Ide has filed grievances to enforce contracts and participated vigorously in arbitrations. Perhaps most importantly, he stabilized the union’s finances, paying off debts and securing benefits.

Jason Ide studied labor history as a political science major at the University of Michigan, where he earned a B.A. As a dedicated member of SOLE (Students Organizing for Labor Equality), Jason Ide organized undergraduates in support of campus labor strikes, including a contingent of 500 who picketed in support of the Lecturers Union. More recently, he has joined forces with Occupy Wall Street to aid workers. A member of the Joint Council 16 Political Outreach Committee, he serves as a trustee of the Teamsters Local 814 Welfare, Pension & Annuity Funds and the Northern New Jersey Teamsters Benefit Plan.