Jason Altzman

Jason Altzman

AMG Managing Principal Jason Altzman

Currently employed at Aero Marketing Group - AMG



    Mr. Jason Altzman has spent more than a decade as managing principal with the Aero Marketing Group (AMG), an events and promotional marketing agency based out of Phoenix, Arizona with offices in Los Angeles, Atlanta and Frankfurt. In this position he oversees all daily operations in areas of sales and client relations while also managing the company’s sales force and creative staff. Under the guidance of Jason Altzman, AMG has consistently provided clients and their customers with memorable campaigns and lifestyle experiences related to automotive and motorsports events. Jason Altzman studied at Montclair College Prep in Van Nuys, California, as well as California State University, Northridge. When he is not managing business operations at the agency, he and his team spends time researching new business-to-business and business-to-customer incentive programs that can be effective for AMG's clients. With the help of his research, the agency has developed a number of unique and creative reward systems for both clients and employees.



Managing Principal

At Aero Marketing Group - AMG

From 2004 to Present