Janetta Chernega

Administrator, Beverly Oaks Physicians Surgical Center

Sherman Oaks, United States

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    Beverly Oaks Physicians Surgical Center

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  • Healthcare Administrator

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About her

With more than 10 years of healthcare industry experience, Janetta Chernega is passionate about geriatric patient care advocacy. She served as an Administrator for two adult day health care centers, which serviced 165 and 190 participants, respectively, and then as an Administrator and President of a residential care facility for the elderly for over 130 residents, including a unit that serviced 20 to 30 residents with Alzheimer's disease. As a testament to the cause, Ms. Chernega has acted as a committee member for the California Association for Adult Day Services, whose mission is to “support the development of adult day services as an alternative to institutional care.” In addition, Janetta Chernega has given her time to various geriatric healthcare reform organizations and has even participated in writing legal proposals.

As the current Administrator for the Beverly Oaks Physicians Surgical Center in Sherman Oaks, California, Janetta Chernega has been in charge of controlling, coordinating, and directing all functions and processes relating to the Center’s operation for the past two years. The Center is also a regular contributor to various charities.

Ms. Chernega’s diligence and focus on perfection is displayed through her attention to detail and the passion for everything that she does. Her aspiration is for Beverly Oaks Surgery to excel by providing the best in patient care available.

When she’s not busy advocating for the elderly or building her career, Janetta Chernega spends her time exercising and reading. Additionally, Ms. Chernega’s aggressive focus on business allows her to remain current on events within the entrepreneurial world.