Jamie Finegold

Owner, JD Fine & Company

Concord, United States

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About him

Since his adolescence in Walnut Creek, California, Jamie Finegold has stood out from the crowd as a fashion innovator. He began to draw attention for his trendsetting nature when, as a high school student, he broke the mold by dying his denim pink at a time when everyone else was dressing “preppy.” After high school, Jamie Finegold enrolled at the University of California, Santa Barbara (UCSB), where he studied business economics and accounting. His talent for fashion drew attention when he began to design T-shirts for Greek organizations on campus; he responded by creating a line of beach volleyball wear that he called “Del Playa Voli-Bol.” This led local sorority women to request original dress designs—and he has been designing for women ever since.

Jamie Finegold met his wife, Dana, while studying at UCSB; the couple married shortly thereafter. In 1996, they co-founded J.D. Fine & Company, to provide a platform for Jamie Finegold's designs. The company's early offerings drew the attention of major distributors such as Montgomery Ward and Sears, as well as major suppliers of quality fabrics. Eight years after the company's founding, Jamie Finegold began to focus on the style sought by the confident and sophisticated modern woman, and Tart Collections soon became the company's signature line.

Since its introduction, Tart Collections has produced a wide range of pieces, from tops and leggings to a versatile bridesmaid gown dress known as the “Infinity Gown.” The gown gained attention quickly for its flattering style, designed to work with all wedding themes, body shapes, and color palettes. The gown embodies the attention to a woman's clothing needs that has made Jamie Finegold a major player in the fashion industry.