James Rector

James Rector

Founder, Teach Abroad Network

Currently employed at Teach Abroad Network


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    If you're a teacher, principal, or school administrator, I suggest you join https://wwwTeachAbroadNetwork.com (TAN), a professional networking site I started for educators around the world. It's free platform to grow a professional network in the education industry, and we provide the support and tools to enable your personal and professional betterment. ******* I have made a career out of helping adventurous educators find jobs around the world. In my home country alone (USA), I know there are many qualified teachers without jobs that would love the opportunity to connect directly with schools overseas - rather than through job boards and recruiters - and I try to provide the most helpful tools to accomplish this. Things I've done: - Begun the world's first online career fairs for teaching abroad - Started the world's first professional network for international teachers, principals, and administrators - Founded a K-12/ESL teacher recruitment company and, previous to that, an Ivy League-focused recruitment company for college prep academies in the Gangnam area of Seoul - Owned and ran a small neighborhood English school (학원) in the Nowon neighborhood of Seoul with a Korean American friend - Developed curriculum for a speech recognition-enabled educational e-book for young English learners (think Siri as a "teacher's assistant"​ for young ESL kids - the future is upon us!) - Worked for a US college test prep "hagwon"​ in Seoul during my first year after university I'm a technology nut, yes. I'm a lover of cultural diversity. I don't mind making a fool of myself while using a new language. I enjoy connecting with like-minded entrepreneurs and educators.




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