James Bona

Quixote Xploration President

Houston, United States

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His background

  • Today
    January 2000

    President and C.E.O

    Quixote Xploration

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His hobbies

Wave runnerMotor Yachting

About him

James Bona is the president and chief executive officer at Quixote Xploration, a private limited liability company that provides clients with opportunities for low risk investments in the oil and gas industry. As president of the company, James Bona conducts comprehensive research on developing oil and gas projects in order to provide clients with the ideal investment opportunity. His research includes identifying suitable drill sites and utilizing the industry’s most advanced recovering technologies.

Quixote Xploration works in partnership with small and medium-sized oil exploration organizations, which carry the industry’s highest ratings. In his position, Mr. Bona works in close contact with a number of oil and gas specialists, such as petroleum engineers, empirical consultants, geologists, and geophysicists. When he is not managing and developing new projects for Quixote Xploration, he is involved with a number of charitable organizations. Among these charities is World Vision, a group serving children in more than 100 countries.