Jamal Daniel

Jamal Daniel

Founder, The Levant Foundation

Currently employed at The Levant Foundation


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    Jamal Daniel is a Houston-based investment manager who presently serves as President and Chairman of the Crest Investment Company. Over his 30-year career, he has amassed considerable professional expertise in oil and natural gas speculation. Mr. Daniel also has experience working in real estate, manufacturing, and various high-technology industries. After spending his early childhood in his birthplace of Syria and his primary and secondary school years in his family’s adopted home of Lebanon, Jamal Daniel matriculated at the University of Geneva in Switzerland. Moving to the United States to pursue further academic training, Mr. Daniel obtained a BA in Business from Pepperdine University in 1980 and an MBA from the University of Texas at Austin in 1982. In addition to his accomplishments in the field of speculative finance, Jamal Daniel is the founder of a privately operated nonprofit organization known as The Levant Foundation. With a goal of promoting peace and understanding throughout the Middle East and the world, The Levant Foundation seeks to further general knowledge about the culture and history of those of the Levant region to include Syria, Lebanon, Jordan, Israel, and Palestine and better understand the complex interrelations between the three monotheistic religions. The Foundation is dedicated to cooperating with colleges and universities, research institutions, religious organizations, and fine art associations to provide practical and financial support for a wide variety of educational and research endeavors. Although he is no longer active on The Levant Foundation’s board of directors, Jamal Daniel remains The Foundation’s principal benefactor. When Mr. Daniel is not busy with Crest Investment Company and philanthropic activities, he serves as a member of the International Advisory Board of the American University in Beirut. He also serves as a board member of the Al-Monitor media website, a news organization dedicated to providing in-depth coverage and fresh perspectives on stories from the Middle East.




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