Isaac Perez Recao

Isaac Perez Recao

Director, PIVOCA

Currently employed at PIVOCA



    An entrepreneur and executive with substantial interests in construction, commercial property management, financial services, and other areas, Venezuelan native Isaac Pérez Recao now lives in the United States. Mr. Pérez Recao began his career as a business administrator and later specialized in different courses at the Institute of Advanced Studies in Administration, or IESA, in Venezuela. Following college, Mr. Pérez Recao embarked on a multifaceted professional path, founding and running a number of successful businesses in his native Venezuela and elsewhere. A former Director of Organización Dinotrópolis, Industrias Venoco, Centro Comercial Chacaito, and Unicentro El Marqués in Caracas, Mr. Pérez Recao oversaw companies focused on children’s entertainment, petrochemicals, and the management and construction of shopping malls and housing complexes. In addition, he served as Director of PIVOCA, C.A., through which he managed a wide range of residential and commercial real estate investments. Based in the United States since the early 2000s, Isaac Pérez Recao has since graduated from Advanced Management Programs and executive programs in Leadership and Advanced and Strategic Negotiations at the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania, the Stanford Graduate School of Business, the Yale School of Management, the Harvard Business School, and, most recently, the Saïd Business School at the University of Oxford. At present, he manages various holdings in Spain and Latin America. Mr. Pérez Recao has received several distinctions over the years, including Honor of Merit awards from the Venezuelan Ministry of Transport and Communications and the Ministry of Defense, and he was appointed as Intelligence and Special Operations Advisor for the Justice Department of Venezuela. He is a member of the Orden Hispánica de Carlos V de la Sociedad Heráldica Española with the rank of Gran Collar and was named an Honorary Mayor-President by the Baton Rouge Center for World Affairs.





From 2011 to Present


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