Irena Vagner

Irena Vagner

Developmental Enhancement Center - Yoga for happy Kids

Currently employed at DEC - Yoga for happy Kids



    I'm pretty easy going - full of optimism w/ a sense a humor. Always happy to help if it's needed. Like to have friends over for brunch or dinner...Well, I just love life... I understand that although we all possess wisdom and intellect, over time however,our perception might become obscured by negative interpretation of reality or by self-doubts. For those who are finding themselves stuck, tired of trying, can't find fulfillment in life, emotional, or even depressed, I offer a guidance through inspiring, yet challenging sessions to re-define their inner center. By cultivating self-knowledge, self-respect, and inner security, one is then able to build a foundation to identify one's dream in life with a plan to act upon it to experience joyful, fulfilling life... My method lies in facilitating life journey to self-discovery through clarifying what seems to be the problem and how to regain confidence in the knowledge that we were created to be healthy, happy, and successful. I assist clients from all walks of life with a variety of life challenges pointing them toward what seems to be the best for them. I got my doctorate degree in psychology and later established the "Developmental Enhancement Center -Yoga for Happy kids" - I work not only with adults (helping them to steer their lives the way they envision) but also with kids (to prevent them from going the "wrong/or undesirable" direction). I'm working on promoting the importance of implementing yoga into children's lives as a means to instill healthy habits as a foundation of their positive development, putting stop to the rapidly spreading epidemic of obesity, type II diabetes, undesirable behaviors, and all other by-products thereof. For more information about "Yoga fro Happy Kids" Project: Fortunately my work became an essential part of my life - almost like a "second nature" - I like the variety of it and the pleasure from making positive adjustments in people's lives...


Counselor/Life-Coach, Yoga facilitator

At DEC - Yoga for happy Kids


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  • I like to go dancing
  • and "dusting" my piano playing
  • and eventually painting
  • and to do my daily yoga practice
  • as well as to read
  • do creative cooking / baking
  • etc... it all depends on time and situation/occasion...
  • hiking
  • listen to music
  • skiing
  • swimming