Ilyas Munshi

Ilyas Munshi


Currently employed at ILYAS MUSHI



    At his private practice in Lafayette, Louisiana, Dr. Ilyas Munshi treats patients with pituitary tumors, epilepsy and seizures, adult and pediatric brain tumors, as well as spinal problems. Highly trained and qualified, Dr. Munshi was one of the youngest neurosurgeons to begin practicing when he opened his own office nearly 10 years ago. Possessing extensive experience, Dr. Ilyas Munshi laid the foundations for his successful career as a neurosurgeon at the University of Illinois at Chicago, where he pursued his studies in the computer science program. Even at this early stage in his academic career, Dr. Munshi demonstrated exceptional promise. In fact, he earned a nearly perfect grade point average during his time as an undergraduate. Soon after completing his undergraduate studies, Dr. Ilyas Munshi entered Rush Medical College, a renowned institution that offers rigorous coursework in the areas of anatomy and cell biology, internal medicine, preventative medicine, biochemistry, and dermatology. After graduating with his medical degree, he fulfilled his residency at The University of Chicago Medical Center, a prestigious institution that assists patients with a range of conditions, including sleep disorders, cold hands syndrome, Celiac and Parkinson’s disease, recurrent pregnancy loss, and esophageal disease. During his residency, Dr. Ilyas Munshi had the opportunity to take part in the functions of the neurosurgery section and gain experience in the areas of clinical care, diagnosis, and surgery. Now that he has his own practice, Dr. Munshi remains abreast of the latest medical developments. Dr. Ilyas Munshi stays connected to others in the medical community through affiliations with local hospitals and membership in a number of professional organizations.





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