Howard Wool

Howard Wool

Founder and CEO, Environmental Safety Incorporated

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Currently employed at Environmental Safety Incorporated

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    Howard Wool is the owner and driving force behind Environmental Safety Incorporated. They produce effective industrial chemical solutions for a wide range of clients. Howard’s been involved with the chemical industry for over 40 years. This is his second venture in the chemical sector and it’s been highly successful. The company consistently achieves seven figure sales and is still going strong after 12 years in business. He’s also worked as a teacher and a divorce mediation lawyer. Environmental Safety Incorporated keeps its clients satisfied with a personal touch and believes in building strong relationships with its clients. Howard loves to exchange stories about children and grandchildren with his clients. He believes this relationship building is why his clients choose his company over other industrial chemical suppliers. When he’s not working hard on growing his business Howard likes to spend time with his children and grandchildren. He’s currently working on putting in a pool so they can spend more quality time together. Howard loves to frequent the local businesses in his area of Baiting Hallow, Calverton and Riverhead. There are a lot of great restaurants and shopping in these towns. Howard brings all of his out of towners to these establishments.



Founder and CEO

At Environmental Safety Incorporated

From 1980 to Present

Founder and CEO

At Shari Chemicals

From 1980 to 1986


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