Horace Nalle

Horace Nalle

Principal, Oriole Animal Health LLC

Leesburg, United States

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    July 2012


    Oriole Animal Health LLC

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    June 2012

    General Counsel

    +5000 employees

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Business Management Merial Limited

About him

In his lengthy career at Merial Limited, maker of Frontline and Heartgard, the top-selling brands of flea, tick, and heartworm medications for cats and dogs, attorney Horace Nalle has handled mergers and acquisitions, patents, competition and antitrust issues, and regulatory matters. As Head of Legal, Communications, and Public Affairs, he also has managed a global portfolio of trademarks, product registrations, toll manufacturing, supply functions, and research and development agreements, in addition to directing staff on five continents. Horace Nalle joined Merial in 1997.

Prior to his current position, he served as Head of Regulatory and Public Affairs, Mergers and Acquisition, and Tax at Merial. In this capacity, Horace Nalle oversaw the registration of 15,000 global presentations. He also created joint ventures in emerging markets, facilitated post-merger integration, and gained significant global antitrust experience.

For three years, Mr. Nalle served as President and Chief Executive Officer of Hubbard LLC. Owned by Merial, the 1,500-employee poultry-breeding firm earned $150 million in sales annually and included 10 subsidiaries globally. During his tenure at Hubbard, Mr. Nalle directed a biotech project related to poultry breeding. In other key roles, he led Merial Blue Sky Research and held several positions in the Merck & Co., Inc. legal department for six years.

Mr. Nalle received a B.A. in Government from Harvard College and a J.D. from the University of Pennsylvania Law School. He has written a chapter on prescription drug development legalities in Clinical Research in Pharmaceutical Development and authored an FDA compliance manual for Merck. Horace Nalle also holds membership on the Board of Directors of Scynexis, Inc., a North Carolina biotech developer of drugs; and the Atlanta Humane Society. When not engaged in professional or service pursuits, he enjoys composing music and running.

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